Still Human.

Hey, it’s Carly. He’s here.

A couple hours ago, every zombie in the area seemed to randomly decide, all at once, to march towards our house. Then, just as the first wave reached us, they once again simultaneously seemed to decide that they didn’t give a shit about us anymore and started walking off.

A minute ago Jared looked out the window and said Eric was coming back. I went and looked for myself. He was moving really slowly, but there was a massive wake of motionless zombies laying on the ground behind him.

He came up to the door and even though we knew he was a zombie, we opened the door and let him in. He growled at us like he was trying to talk to us, but he never attacked us. He looked each one of us in the eyes, one at a time. We had no idea what he was saying.

He pulled out his revolver and handed it to me, grip first. Then he stepped back, let his arms hang at his sides, and closed his eyes. We all told him goodbye and I pulled the trigger.

We’ll have a funeral in the morning. Jared may have been the genius behind our defeat of Simon, but Eric was a hero. He saved my life and ultimately the world. Below is a list, from beginning to end, of his adventures since the virus hit. And even though he turned into a zombie, even though we had zero idea what his growling could have meant, when he died?

He was Still Human.