Pitiful like a fox, you little bitch

I’ve known kids like you, Simon. Kids that really needed, were begging for four knuckles in the mouth. And like I supplied their needs, I’m going to give you the bullet in your sick little skull I can tell you’re desperate for.

You need a brain buster like Garth Brooks as a penny needs a wishing well. That bad. So I’m going to find you. I’m going to put you down like the rabid Chihuahua you are. Big Tim’s gonna do wheelie donuts in his chair around the bonfire we build on top of your ugly corpse. Then my friends and I are gonna mop up the zombies you shit all over the place. We’re gonna go find other people that don’t suck like you and together, we’re all gonna put down the other rabid dogs like those morons in Big Falls.

Because someone who makes a world that still has internet but he’s the only living person in it is pathetic. And no match for me, much less us. This is the last week of your life.


Hit me!

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