Timmy is definitely, for sure stuck in the well.

I was finally able to IM Big Tim, apparently the power had gone out up in the I Falls area and he almost died. Read on to find out why.

still_human: Big Tim?
big_tim: yes, whos this?
still_human: im not in the i falls area but really close. i need to leave where i am. is there anything i can help with?
big_tim: my girlfriend left to get supplies a few days ago and hasnt returned. im afraid she got picked up by some assholes on the road. the zombies would never take her down. i cant know for sure but i feel like shes still alive.
still_human: y dont u go get her?
big_tim: i cant leave the house. im in a wheelchair.
still_human: no shit? damn. how come you havent been online? you posted your distress signal like days ago.
big_tim: power went out. battery on my electric chair was dead, couldnt get into my other one. electric one is impossible to push by hand if its dead.
still_human: holy damn.
big_tim: i actually almost died. i ended up having to pull myself up the stairs to get more food.
still_human: very matter of fact.
big_tim: it is what it is.
still_human: whats your girlfriends name?
big_tim: we can call her little timmy.
still_human: all right. then im Lassie.
big_tim: i like it. we would be infinitely grateful to you if you could bring her back safely.
Lassie: so whats the plan?
big_tim: keep it simple. meet me in the falls and well figure out a strategy. do you know the town?
Lassie: yeah
big_tim: im holed up in 191 riverfront st.
Lassie: got it. i like that. one step at a time. ill be there as soon as i can. to get little timmy out of the well.
big_tim: …i dont know if im comfortable with u making a joke out of it
Lassie: hey man you thought of the codename not me. and we need to joke to keep our sanity.
big_tim: …
Lassie: so that, at the end of the day, we know were still human.
Lassie: ill be up there as soon as i can.

Now that that conversation is over, I need to figure out how to get out of here. I want to save ammo for bandits, so I need to get out of here quietly. I think I’ll do my zipline plan and bring the air hose with so I can air my bike tires and toss it in  my stolen truck, which I hope still has gas. If someone siphoned the truck, I’ll be in a spot since I’m going for the truck first. If someone siphoned both of my vehicles, I’m fucked.

I loaded up a backpack with ammo, my guns, and as much survival gear and food as I could stuff into it, in that order. You’ll hear from me again when I get to Big Tim’s place. Lassie out.


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