What’s that Lassie? Little Timmy’s stuck in the well? Again?

It’s become pretty obvious to me that I need to, ahem, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. The part of me that exists between the other part of me that’s still sane and tries to think things through and the other, other part of me that’s ready to kamikaze all these motherfuckers understands that. The former of those other parts understands that I simply need to escape.

So I’m afraid of the two obvious things I could run into if I try to leave. 1, an overwhelming number of zombies. 2, bandits. Yeah, bandits. I don’t meant to make it sound like the Wild West outside, but it kind of is. With zombies filling the role of “huge amounts of violently aggressive people we can’t understand” previously held by Indians.

I’m no sheriff though. Those bandits would eat me alive. Possibly literally; I wouldn’t doubt people would have gone a little nuts in the last couple of weeks. I’m getting there.

But I think I got the motivation to just get the hell out of this deathtrap. I found a post, which I will transcribe here because I’m not big on reblogging.

Hopefully someone sees this. Inexplicably, the internet seems to still be up, although who knows what servers are up or down. WordPress seems to be up, obviously. But… My group, we need help. I don’t want to divulge too many details because we have a problem of the fellow-living-human variety, but if you’re in the International Falls area and would possibly be willing to help, please IM me.

Thank you, whoever you are,

Big Tim

Now I’m not in the International Falls are, per se, but I could probably get there pretty easily. I tried to IM Big Tim to see if I could help for lack of anything better to do, but he hasn’t answered me. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Hit me!

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