We lost one today.

This is hard for me to report being that it feels like it’s literally right about to happen to me, and also because it feels so close once you hear it. It seems that I never get quite used to this nightmare that started two and a half weeks ago.

One of our fellow apocabloggers, stillalivescribe, fell asleep while simultaneously blogging and vlogging. He had set both of them to auto upload after a certain amount of time and described what he was doing as “for the survivors.” He wanted us all to be able to see and read what he was doing since the world ended.

Well, we get to see and read it. You’re not gonna see it from me, though. You can find that shit on your own. I’ll give the blog text from when it happened and that’s it. While sleeping in front of his keyboard, a zombie somehow breached his house and started in on the back of his head. It’s all on video, but there was a struggle on the keyboard that was then automatically published later. Here it is, but be warned. It’s unsettling.

Been sneaking up to my roof to light and throw fireworks as far away from the house as possible. I was unprepared on DDay and I’m stuck in here without a lot of food or water. There are probably several dozen tightly packed around my house and all I have is an old revolver with a whole dozen shots. I can’t sleep from the fear and constant scratching and moaning. I’m considering just eating a

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A little while later, he got up, growled at the camera, and staggered away. No fucking lie.

And THAT’s what we’re trying to avoid, every day. But you know that.


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