Bow Down.

Pointless Human Waste: Your world is over.

Your species has been annihilated. The majority of you walk the streets and earth, dead on your feet. The rest of you are both doomed and not deserving of life. You are nothing. What is different between you and the undead from which you hide? They will devour you. After that, nothing. You will all be one.

The humans of the world have been digging their own hole since the moment they existed. You kill each other in the names of gods who don’t exist. You build weapons of mass destruction to kill wholesale your “enemies.” People who don’t agree with you. Or rather, people who’s governments don’t agree with you. You ignore each other’s pain, suffering, and hunger. Now, you will be unable to ignore each other’s hunger.

Then again, even I know better. As worthless as you all are, some of you are resourceful enough to survive. Some of you are even ruthless enough to regenerate the species with unwilling wombs. But yours will be a world in which you will be confronted by the faces of the deceased on their feet, and the possibility of becoming one of them will loom forever.

I am the Plague Lord. I have brought about the absolution that is the end of your pitiful species. I will allow you to hobble along for eternity, if you are able. In a world in which more of you who stand are dead than alive.


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