Time and The Void: Week VII Summary

All of us are time travelers. We travel forward through time at a speed of one minute per minute, one hour per hour, or any unit of time per that unit of time that is equal to or lesser in duration than that of our lives, the largest being one life per life, though a life is not a fixed unit of time, it is a unit nonetheless.

However, as with all rules, there are exceptions. While it is not possible to travel backward in time (and to this rule, as far as we know, there are no exceptions), it is possible to travel forward at different speeds. When in a waiting room, we crawl through time at a snail’s pace, spending several minutes on each actual minute. We are capable of traveling through time at two, three, or even more times the normal speed of time travel by doing activities such as having fun. Another way to race through time is to procrastinate.

Variable speeds of time travel are often attributed to how much we are enjoying ourselves, which directly affects how much we pay attention to the forward march of time. In a waiting room, we are bored bordering on miserable, watching the clock. When time is watched, it will slow. When having fun, we are far too engaged in our activity to be bothered with what time it is, allowing it to sneak by at an incredible rate.

Procrastination offers an interesting hybrid of the two, specifically when counting down the final hours and minutes to a deadline. As we work, desperately hoping for more time to do so, it mercilessly advances right in our faces, as if saying “Yes, you moron, it has been another ten minutes. I don’t give a shit if you haven’t done anything, which I can see you haven’t.”

You’re probably thinking “This stupid idiot pulled his usual crap, procrastinated to the Nth degree, and put himself right back in his usual position.” But you’re wrong! Ha! This was a planned endeavor. I did sit down to this work a little too late. Because of this, I have to write this summary before doing the wiki editing. However, the fact that I have not yet done the wiki editing is a calculated gamble. Morgan intended for us to do editing on Thursday and Friday, then again on Saturday and Sunday. There are two days in each bracket to allow for time to pass during which other people edit the material before we jump back in to rework what has been reworked after we worked it.

However, I will be coming in to work my magic on the tail end of this process for a number of reasons. The first, a challenge for myself- In the early stages, content may be messy and what needs to be done may be obvious- reorganizing, mainly. On a large scale. “Let’s at least separate this stuff into a few categories.” The editing still required after that stage is on a finer level of detail. It’s also a gamble. Will the content be basically complete, requiring very little further editing and little work for me to do? Or will it be organized by unrefined? Or clean but incomplete? That may require generation of further content (which would merit research), or vast cross-linking to deepen the connected knowledge.

Lastly, it measures the dedication of the others involved to see if they revisit the content between my two sessions (Sunday night and Tuesday night). Will they return to see whether their content or revisions have changed, or have they simply done a sort of “driveby edit,” and left for other endeavors, never to return? We will see.

Other than that, this week has been a void. Nothing- In my strategic hold I have been inactive. Being that my Week VI were not done at that time, they can be done whenever- hopefully tomorrow. Like, for real. But I don’t know where the time went. It is as if the week is simply a vaccuum, and with nothing to see, I traveled through time at a rate faster than my own senses or comprehension. Other weeks have seen me watching the clock day after day, with the work I was to do sitting in the back of my head, like a dumb kid in the back seat repeating “are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet” until you give him the one-handed chauffeur reach around. (*Disclaimer: This blog does not necessarily reflect the views of Maddox.) But this week, it all just disappeared. Perhaps I have reached a new level of procrastination nirvana. I mean strategically waiting nirvana.

Oh, I made a 4 of the Best article titled “At the end of Victory Road: The Elite Four.” Lorelle VanFossen liked it! I’m not a complete chump, I promise.


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