At the end of Victory Road: The Elite Four

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To link them is my real test
To aggregate my caaaaaause, do do do

I will bro-owse across the net
No vidja games being played
My RSS is alllll set
To see the posts that have been maaaaade


I was going to kick myself when I saw this week’s writing task (as I haven’t done my Week VI shiznat yet, I’m a bad, bad bo-) UNTIl I checked my comments and saw that I got a nod from Matt Lavrenz on his blog Banjos in Backseats for my Week V Project that I posted in Week VI. Cool! My hole-filling article should get lovins from all the peeps and is as enjoyable as cream in a Bismarck. moving on.

Now that you’ve strengthened the bond between you and your posts and earned your eight WordPress badges, you’re ready to take on the Elite Four to become the Weblog Champion. Here’s the lineup.

Devan Bierbrauer’s Yesterday’s News: “What’s next for blogging: I try to predict the future.”

Dat’s a fat link, folks. I love this post for its structure- nothing like scans of marker drawings. That’s from the heart; things are so much easier to do digitally. I’ve used a hyphen and a semicolon, here comes the slash / this sentence got slashed sliced in half. Anyhoo, Devan predicts the future of blogs by starting with the birth of blogs- astute.

Matt Adams’ thismattisblogging: “The Aggregate Never Ends/Weekly Review”

It truly doesn’t. Ever. End. But this post offers valuable commentary on the issue of online advertising. I used to be an avid disciple of AdBlock but I’m coming to realize that ads benefit content creators like I want to be. However, keeping ads in check is an important aspect of the trade and Matt’s insight sheds some necessary light.

Jack Tuthill’s Jack In The Box: “What’s Next For Blogs? — A Tiki-Toki Look Into the Future of Blogs”

I didn’t know there was a website for creating timelines, or why I would think there wouldn’t be, and indeed I didn’t. What I love most about Jack’s timeline is that (at least in my opinion), it’s realistic. Every element on there could conceivably happen, and to make it better still, the future looks bright. While I love the idea of increasing quality of online conent, it just means I’ll have more stiff competition to contend with, and I’m not a terribly driven person in the first place. The drama!

Denny Staples’ My Crash-Test Blog: “Lord Taemyrlayne”

Finally, Denny’s professed disdain, and perhaps outright hatred for fan fiction, musings, rants, and, most importantly, the seeds of an underground society. If that doesn’t make you click, you don’t know what to lick. Like. You don’t know what to like.

Who is the champion? Being that the Elite Four was crafted an hour ago, there actually isn’t a champion yet. And being that the Elite Four was extracted from a larger pool, that leaves ME. I will defeat the Elite Four with a blog post of my own! Tomorrow!* They don’t call it Victory Road for nothing!

This was a Blog Exercise that you can work out yourself by reading up on it here. It was also a steamy platter of Pokemon references, BOOM~

*Don’t count it.**

**Even though I will.


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