Week VI Summ: Mental Comeback, just not on paper

My summaries tend to primarily include two elements: What I Did and What I Learned from the week leading up. Let’s now begin with What I Learned.

What I Learned

I learned a lot this week, many things not relevant to the class and few things that were. I will not list them here but rather focus on a single thing I learned and the sole reason I’m not wallowing in my own idiocy and laziness like I was last week, despite being in an arguably worse position. That one thing is:

AN ALARM CLOCK CANNOT SAVE YOU. Or more specifically, me. I’ve had a really screwed up sleep schedule lately. It goes something like this: Stay up until 5 AM (average). Sleep until just before class. Go to class (on a good day). Return home, nap until late evening. Repeat. The problems arose when I would wake up after my class was over because either my unconscious self would cheekily turn off the alarm or I would simply sleep right through it. I have fixed this vicious cycle and now get up in the morning like a normal person. So while I missed class this week (unfortunate due the “change of pace” I heard about), I am hopeful for the future and ready to bolster my grade on our big project I imagine is coming up soon. And Professor Morgan: I apologize for missing class. I didn’t email you because I figured you could read it here, and the only other contents of the email would be asking you what went down in class, which I know you would prefer me to ask another student, so I will. Moving on.

What I Did

This is where it gets tricky because my ass is behind. I didn’t actually do much this week- I had to regroup and prepare the counterattack on this growing mountain (OK, maybe more like a hill, but consider me an ant) of work. That might sound like a load of crap, but I believe it, so there. Instead dropping links into my prose as usual, I will lay this shit out, both for my benefit and Morgan’s. And hopefully this will be resolved anyway tomorrow- right after I get up in the morning like a normal person. No, not hopefully. It WILL be.

State of the Blog Address: The Shit that Is Done

Week V Writing Tasks 1 and 2. Assuming these got looked at, but if not- there they are.

Week V Comments on Matt’s boots, Devan’s lies, and Jack’s genders.

Week V Digifact: Artistic Blogging. This is only a beginning, but at least it exists.

State of the Blog Address: The Shit that Aint Done

Week VI Writing Tasks

Week VI Comments

Week VI Digifact

So (heh) pretty much all of Week VI. These things will be hammered out throughout the majority of tomorrow, and Week VII will be done so on Tuesday, so as to put me at the state of Caught Up. Now that’s what I call a workflow. I hope this outlining of plans and progress is a suitable summary. See you on Wednesday with my ducks in a row.

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