Reactions to Uses of Blogs Part 3: Part II

Ch. 13

-“this takes a more theoretical and speculative approach to questions regarding the place and influence of political blogs in an increasingly fragmented and dispersed [bla bla bla]” Bahnisch pg 139

This pretty much set the tone for this entire chapter for me. Politics… It was at this point that I decided to do a short article on the uses of blogs as art and/or for artists, as my digifact for the week. Because politics are dumb, and boring, and not the kind of blogging I give a shit about. Not even remotely. The next chapter, however, blew my mind.

Ch. 14

-“or when the blogger includes pictures of herself for readers to gauge her attractiveness.” Gregg pg 152

At this in my reading, for some reason, implications began piling on top of each other, like a fuck shit stack, if you’ll excuse my language. And Reggie’s. But it went something like this:

-If women don’t post pictures of themselves,  I don’t know how attractive they are.

-It doesn’t really matter how attractive they are.

-If they don’t say they’re a woman, I wouldn’t know if they are or not. Additionally, even if they say they’re a woman, they might not be. But anyway.

-When I read an article on fighting game news site eventhubs or even Youtube comments, I assume all the comments are from males. What if they’re not?

-There are women on the internet?

-If I assume any given commenter is a male, does that mean that I’m subconsciously sexist?

-I consider myself a feminist, and the possibility that I might be subconsciously sexist is terrifying. I mean, what does that say about people who are consciously sexist? Damn.

-We still have the glass ceiling. And ridiculous shit getting thrown around the political sphere, like anything that comes out of the mouth of Todd Akin. It’s 2013. This is America. Can we pull it together on the gender thing? I’m inherently sexist because society told me stereotypes about women when I was impressionable, and even my conscious determination to observe equality cannot defeat the things that I don’t know I think. Our social issues seem so archaic compared to our technological advancements.

-I read the quote on page 156 about the guy hitting 40-100 blogs a day, and the point that women don’t have time for that because of their second shift, but I just thought, aint nobody got time for that.


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