An All-Time Low: Week V Summary

A look back on the week, we see- Oh, Jesus. This the worst. This is the worst it has ever been. This summary, as of now, is a place-holder. If it is not finished at midnight, it will be posted and then immediately continued. After that will come my content- yes, my content. The content that was for Wednesday.

My procrastination has become legendary. While I am somewhat proud of this (in a sick way, it’s sick), I am also extremely tired of it. This content-after-summary, bang-my-head-against-the-keyboard, completely bullshit “workflow” is simply not worth my leisurely slacking throughout the rest of the week.

Part of the problem is that our writing tasks are supposedly “due Wednesday” but not enforced as such. They are actually due the moment Sunday turns into Monday, as is everything. Or, are they due at some point, being that our summaries are the only thing truly due, ever, at least until the end? This contradiction is probably Morgan experimenting on us, because that is how Morgan do. But even if it is diabolical psychological/sociological science, Professor, I apologize. For last week and especially for this week. My weekly posts will probably be published before you read this and the weekly project soon after, but I’m sure it’s a hassle for you to have to get around to student work in the next week’s summary. In that sense, the fact that I am not finished with this week’s project and that last week’s was late as well means there is still only one to look at here, now. So please, if you haven’t yet, check out my Digifact from Week IV, The Lurker. I also updated that summary with my comments from last week as well.

The posts to come in short order will be reactions to the readings, as I actually took notes on them (!) and have a few things to say. My project will not be fiction this time around, so no one expect it to fall out of my ass head. I plan to write an article on the Artful uses of blogs, since we covered scholars, professional scholars, politicians and politically-minded individuals, and women, but not artists. Which is what I am. So I can talk about it!

What did I learn? Same thing as usual. Whether I really learned it or not will be determined by my performance next week. I do finally, seriously plan on snuffing out this habit of mine, and the arrival of a laptop AC adapter in the mail, I feel, will herald this necessary change.

UPDATE: Posts on the readings up now here and here. Hopefully nobody else is up at this hour, for your sakes. Not that I need to be worried about… This is pretty normal for me. Week V Digifact coming soon.

UPDATE2: Checked out (and commented on) Matt’s boots, Devan’s lies, and Jack’s genders. I’ll include these in next week’s summary so they aren’t missed. WVD still coming soon.


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