Summary: Week IV

The work I did this week began with a hole filling with a student’s perspective on the subject of blogging and academia. As there was an obvious hole in the rhetoric of Farmer and Burgess, in that nothing was covered from a student’s perspective, I filled what needed to be filled. Personally, the idea of having a unified blog for an entire college career is very appealing. It shows progress and provides a platform on which to build with continuing written work.

The other post at gunpoint was a breakdown of the added benefits of such a format, in which students gain increased familiarity with technology, making school easier, making work easier, and making life better. With a higher percentage of the population able to utilize computers and the internet more fully, the very human race will function in a more streamlined manner. Let’s try to avoid a world of mandatory blogging, though, please.

My as-yet unfinished digifact is another short story, highlighting the dark side of the coin that is the hypothetical world of blog-infused education. Despite all the benefits of this format, student work is made public in this scenario, and some people’s egos might not be able to handle the criticism or, worse, the flaming, insults, and spam. The main character, Tyler, is one such person, and is unable to handle that otherwise-great format. Despite being about him and his struggle with criticism, I personally don’t have a ton of sympathy for that kind of person. I understand people’s difficulties with it, but I think it’s a thing one has to get over as well as being low on a list of challenges sorted by difficulty.

This story will also address the issue of quality assessment- in (my experience) workshop classes never tell student’s other people’s opinions on the quality of their written work- whether it’s good or bad. The internet definitely provides that, however. So much so that it becomes an exercise in deciding which commentary to heed.

I learned that procrastinating makes life unnecessarily difficult. Whether I will ever actually put this into practice is doubtful, but I would like to overcome those odds and start being happy most of the time instead of having a nagged mind. I also learned that getting to work is hard if you don’t give a shit about the topic. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin. Story goes up before noon tomorrow. In other words, EARLY- ended up being late. HA! sorry.

I also commented on the work of Dennis Staples’ Dredfol, Jack Tuthill’s Don’t Stop Blogging, Jordan Malm’s Journalism, Bloggers, and Digital Artifacts and Leah Flemings’ Week III Summary.


2 responses to “Summary: Week IV

  1. > My as-yet unfinished digifact is another short story, highlighting the dark side of the coin that is the hypothetical world of blog-infused education.

    I’ll be watching for it. You can post it, even unfinished, ok?

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