Joanne Jacobs and Axel Bruns wrote a book in 2006 and are also people

Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs wrote a book in 2006 called Uses of Blogs and we read the first five chapters (or articles) of it. Unsurprisingly, they’ve done other things too.

Axel Bruns is an Associate Professor and has published several other books, all of which can be summarized no better than under the biography tab of his page on the Queensland University of Technology website. At first glance, his work titled Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage appears the most interesting. The reason being that I always saw Second Life as the most completely pointless thing ever made that I can think of right now. How it would fit into a book about produsage is hard (impossible, personally) to imagine.

Bruns also has the site because the term wasn’t explained to death in Uses of Blogs. I really like the idea of  produsage but it’s left a bad taste in my mouth from the late night reading of its overly-long-winded explanation. I understood the concept after the first few sentences and didn’t need the following dozens. Somewhat humorously, the About This Site link goes back to the top of the home page.

Joanne Jacobs’ focus appears to be education. A good beginning for research about her would be her self-written biography. It’s not a great beginning because it doesn’t have any links, even to urls listed right in the text. Insert obvious criticism. Now described as an education blogger, she writes the blog Community College Spotlight for The Hechinger ReportAn interesting detail from her biography is that she got started when she was eight. I wonder if that’s the difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t. Maybe if I were now doing what I wanted to do when I was eight, I’d be having a better time of it. I better go download Game Maker.


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