Reactions to Chapters 1-5 of Uses of Blogs

-As far as which of Professor Morgan’s activities I will delve into, the first is out because despite the connections between the first three chapters and the mention of participatory media (produsage), the only chapter I found terribly relevant to myself was the fourth one on publishing.

-I realized quickly that while I love making up words, I get annoyed when other people make up words and then explain them to death for five to ten pages.

-I will do activities two and three (as one post) on the Publishing and Blogs article- this was the most relevant to me and could actually be helpful after a second reading and some online research. Of my three goals in life (being ordained, becoming a published novelist with a loyal readership, and becoming crazy internet famous), this article and the research that it inspires could potentially help me with the second two.

-I started reading this book and came across the statement “In the future it is likely that we will come to speak primarily not of blogging per se, but of diary blogging, corporate blogging,” etc. I thought “we already do that,” and checked the copyright. 2006? As in, before Youtube killed the blogosphere? It seems to me that this book paints a shining portrait of the future in which countless random joes around the globe are deliberately working together, blogging to better the common good. Rather, I can’t remember the last time I went in search of a “good blog to read” and instead see lots of i can has cheeseburger and failblog. As John Green said: “What was I doing on the internet in 2006? Looking up the weather in Dubai?”

This… Maddox was actually ahead of it in 2005.


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