Summary: Weeks I & II

It was a tough start having my laptop’s AC adapter die right as the semester starts. I still have not resolved this problem as my financial aid check is out to sea in the mail, but we soldier on. I have yet to post on the John Cage business, but I will definitely get there after some research. I also did not post anything on RSS because I have been using Google Reader as my homepage (for some time now) to tell me everything my favorite sites have posted instead of visiting them one by one. And I’ll happily stay there. I could post on RSS in general, but that seems redundant at this point. So what have I done?

The post on Creative Commons and Intellectual Property. Creative Commons is basically the shit and I’m thankful to Prof Morgan and this class for forcing me to look up what it actually is. As far as Intellectual Property is concerned, I see the point of it. But at the end of the day, it appears to be a roadblock to collaboration. It seems many others in the class were of similar opinions.

The John Cage business was odd- why is that “inspirational” list of rules attributed to Cage when it was clearly written by Corita Kent? It just doesn’t make sense. I feel I said what needed to be said though- nuns can be evil. Kent sounds like a nice lady though, based on nothing.

I learned how great CC is and that Intellectual Property is a somewhat-outdated concept that doesn’t necessarily apply to the world of the internet. I also learned that I had a skewed concept of the ideal length of a blog post, which ended up being a distinct challenge. However, I would like to think that I was able to offer an alternative opinion on the concepts we covered in the first two weeks.

I also came up with a new title for my blog this week. The original title “Could It Be? Cutting a new top notch” was a forced out during the constipation of writer’s block. My new title is far more clever and fitting.

Moving forward, I plan on posting outside of class assignments, such as a list of rejected titles for this blog and why. I also need to “develop my workflow,” post daily and quit deadlining things. It should be easier once I have my own machine to work on and don’t have to share one with my girlfriend who only does online classes.

Listening to: VA- Chillstep Dreams Vol. 03

Drinking: DRY Lavender Soda

Edit: Gave Google Reader and Google Play some Lip Service. There was also an About Me page.


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